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The music world is experiencing a change. Revenue from the sales of CDs, due to the exchange and distribution of music on the Internet, has fallen considerably. As a result, record labels have less money available to invest in artists. The risk is high to take on new, untested bands.

But on the other hand, the Internet offers artists without a record deal a platform to distribute their music. That’s why many of them produce their music themselves. The budget is usually not as high as a label-backed project and the quality often suffers.

With today’s technology, thanks to digitization, we are able to produce high quality and professional productions, despite a low budget. Assuming you approach an expert.

This is where Domination-Records comes in. We can make an offer for every budget. From the first demo CD to a six month studio session, we offer our services and expertise. It doesn’t matter whether it’s recording, mixing, mastering or the whole package.

Contact us now and we can get the most out of your budget.